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Astrology 2024 Hack

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What You Will Learn:

  • About the major planet transits of 2024 and how they will impact both the macro collective environment and the possible energetic influences on you personally

  • Outer planet transit, aspects and significances

  • How to work with your own Natal Chart during the 2024 upcoming planetary transits

This is for you if you:

  • Like to be aware of energy at play 

  • Want to harness energetic opportunities

  • Are looking to grow in your self awareness of shadow energy 

  • Feel impacted by energy and planetary movements such as Full Moons

Astrology 101 Workshop
When:  Next event coming soon TBC!

Where: Our Satellite Hearts, Malop Street Geelong

What You Will Learn:

  • About your own Natal Chart. What is it and how knowing your cosmic blueprint helps you

  • Intro to the Astrological Wheel

  • Intro to Zodiac Signs, Planets and Houses

  • How to interpret the energies of your chart

  • How to work with your Natal Chart during upcoming planetary transits such as Full Moons

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