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Mini Me (your child)

A deep dive into your child's astrological make up

  • 45 min
  • $88
  • Geelong

Service Description

Do you ever wonder what your child's purpose is on this earth? As a parent, we know you know your child best. Their soul's essence was mapped by the stars as soon as they entered this realm. Their Natal Chart tells us everything about how they are naturally wired to be in this life. The astrological lens can help you as a parent to focus on your child’s strengths so that you can gently elicit their natural gifts. It will help you to understand your child’s sensitivities and challenges in an unbiased way to help you to see them from a compassionate lens. Together we will take time to look at the energy patterns your child came into the world with and how you can better understand and more consciously parent as a result. This reading will dive into your child's astrological make-up and depending on the chart, we will discuss: - How your child learns best - How your child handles conflict and big emotions - Your child's innate gifts and natural challenges in life - How you can nurture your child to feel heard and seen - How you can cater to your child's innate needs and consciously parent - What sort of activities will keep the child at ease, moving forward towards full manifestation - How can you best walk through each major transit with your child -Plus much more! A 45 minute reading which will stay with you for many years to come and help you in more ways than you know. Please allow for 24hrs notice prior to booking for preparation time. See T&C's for more info (via FAQs) A note from Chrissy- As a primary school teacher and Mama myself, I cannot emphasise how helpful knowing the basic astrology of the children I teach has been. I wish every teacher did it as it provides such insight to their learning style and interpersonal quirks, needs, gifts and challenges. And then understanding my son's astrology has been a complete game-changer. I can look at the current planetary transits aspecting my son's chart and see the exact parallel in his behaviour and 'stages'. It's especially helpful knowing what's coming astrologically as I can better guide him and hold a deep conscious awareness that you cannot find such clarity on anywhere else. It still blows my mind to this day how accurate it is!

Cancellation Policy

Astrology readings require a minimum of 48 hours notice to book to allow for adequate preparation time on my end. Cancellation within 24 hours is non refundable, however reschedule is allowed.

Contact Details

  • Geelong VIC, Australia

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